From Guadeloupe to MartiniqueFive islands (we are not covering La Désirade as it does not provide a protected anchorage) covering 33 marinas or anchorages. Three may be considered hurricane-safe.


  • From the North of Guadeloupe to the South of Martinique there are 132 nautical miles.
  • Guadeloupe is 40 miles from Antigua;
  • Guadeloupe to Dominica is
  • Dominica to Martinique is
  • Martinique is 18 miles from Saint Lucia.

From Martinique to Saint Lucia make sure you start off from the East (i.e. Le Marin) in order to make a crossing abeam. It is safe to make landfall in Le Marin or Rodney Bay (Saint Lucia) at night.
From Guadeloupe to Antigua the 40 miles crossing will often be abeam or close-hauled. Landfall in both Guadeloupe and Antigua  is safe at night.